Teryair© Pneumatic Safety Lamp, Flood, 24 Volt, 250 Watts, 6000 Lm, AL Construction

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22.00 LBS

Safety Lamp for Hazardous atmospheres TSL-50

EX-CODE         -           Ex II 2G Ex sb IIB T4 Gb

OUTPUT          -           6000 lumen (@24V)


Teryair Pneumatic Centrifugal Pumps are used to empty ballast tanks, bilge wells, and many other operations. Often used for draining cargo holds during and after the washing procedure. Teryair Centrifugal pumps have a small cross-section and hence can be lowered into areas having small access hatches. Especially preferred where an electric spark may risk ignition or explosion.



Teryair Compressed Air Driven Lamps are CE marked and manufactured under an ISO 9001:2015 Quality system SGS.

Standards Conforming To:

BS EN 60079-0:2012+ A11:2013         Explosion atmosphere. Equipment general Requirements

EN ISO 80079 -36:2016                       Non- electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres-Basic Methode and requirements

IEC 60079-33:32012 (MAIN)               33: Equipment protection by special protection ‘s’

BS N 60079-2:2014                             Explosive atmospheres, Equipment protection by pressurized enclosure “p”

EN 1127- 1:2011                                 Explosion prevenion & protection. Basic Concepts & methodes

Product Reference                             TSI-50 FLOOD TYPE

Product Desciption                               “Compressed Air Driven Flood Lamp”

Enclosure                                            Aluminum                   Brass

Lens                                                   Toughened Glass (15mm)

Beam Type                                          Flood (Matt Reflection) (as Standards) or Spot (Polished Reflector) (to Order)

Part No                                               TSL-50AF         TSL 50BF

Special Certification Condition              A clean dry air supply must be used. Supply hose must be anti-static.

  • All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate.
  • Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.


5-Year Limited Warranty

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