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Our aluminum constructed pumps are commonly combined with Neoprene, Nitrile, Santoprene™, Hytrel®, Viton® and PTFE elastomers. These elastomers are ideal for pumping water, water-based fluids, non-aggressive fluids, oily fluids and fluids having low acidic/alkali concentrations. Our aluminum pumps offer a relatively low-cost, robust solution to many pumping applications.


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Teryair© History

Teryair’s roots date back to the 1970's, under the Edicon brand, as a manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment specific to the mining industry. Realizing that this same know-how could be translated into industrial and marine applications, Teryair was born in 1994. Today, Teryair is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic tools and marine industrial equipment, exporting to over 50 countries worldwide. While they maintain ISO 9001:2015, Lloyds, ATEX and CE certifications, implementing tight quality controls and high process standards, their loyal following is also a testament to their elite craftsmanship. The best part is these high-quality products are offered at reasonable prices. Air Industrial Works is very pleased to be their exclusive U.S. industrial distributor.

Teryair© Premium Air Valves


Classic (DP): 


Rugged bronze construction with hard anodized metal internal spools. Specifically designed for rough outdoor environments and portable use. Interchangeable with other popular brands. Classic valves have a standard interface.





Advanced (ADP):


Best matched with Teryair© polypropylene pumps, they have a precision shift mechanism with PTFE and Viton® seals. Advanced Valves are lubrication free and constructed from high density advanced plastics.





MaxFlo (SDP): 


Teryair’s most advanced valve. very efficient air usage, with a high output of fluid. It is available in aluminum, stainless steel with PTFE, and Viton® seals. Most Importantly it is lubrication and stall free. in addition, it has long service life reducing down time and is. Interchangeable with other popular brands. MaxFlo Valves have a standard interface for ease of replacement.



Teryair© Double Diaphragm Pump Overview


Material Options:


·Aluminum (LM6)

·PolyPropylene (PP)

·Stainless Steel (316)

·Ductile Cast Iron (CI)


Diaphragm Elastomer Options:


·Buna (Nitrile)







Construction Options:







·Great and handling vicious fluids, slurries, solid and shear sensitive fluids.




·No priming needed

·No foaming of fluid pumped

·No stall damages

·Portable and submergible

·CE manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 (SGS)

·Metal pumps explosion proof certified (ATEX)

·5-Year Warranty




Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps, also referred to as AODD pumps, are used throught a variety of industries and applications worldwide. 


-Industry field applications-


Paints and Coatings: paints, primers, solvents and stain. 

Oil and Gas: Flare Knockout, separaters, cleaning pads and oil sludge.

Chemical: Solvents, alkalies, acids, and fluid transfer.

Sewage/Water: dewatering, disposal, containment, and removal.

Pharmaceutical: Chemicals, protiens, enzymes, viamins, alcohols, ointments, disinfectants, additives, waste fluids.

Automotive: oil and fluid transfer, paints and general fluid transfer.

Mining: drift/slurry/underground water removal, muck transfer, oil transfer.

Food: Chili, peas, cottage cheese, yogurt.

Textiles: process fluids, colouring, and chemical dosing.

Electronics: acetone, compounds and general transfer.

Paper/Packing: Chemical and ink transfer.

Beverage: Wine, Vinegar, honey, vegetable oil, pulp, and juice.


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