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Pneumatic Turbine Fans

Pneumatic Explosion Proof Fans, Model PTF-300, PTF-400


1. General:

Teryair Pneumatic Turbine Fans are designed for high-performance ventilation of gas from large enclosed areas or other tank openings. Work effectively providing penetration deep into the tank for complete ventilation. These fans are made of non-spark construction using ATEX Air motors. These components are manufactured from Aluminum and bronze material. Driven directly by compressed Air, this ventilator depends on other power with sealed bearings; it largely reduced the maintenance job. With a wide applicability, this type of ventilator can work at ambient temperatures of﹣20℃ to +40℃, ideal for ducting flammable and explosive gases or steam as well as poisonous or other harmful gases.

2. Structure:

Teryair Pneumatic Explosion Proof Fans are composed of Air Motor, frame, casting, grill etc. The Pneumatic fan is cast from SG Iron, the fan blades are aluminum, casing is cast of high strength aluminum alloy whole structure of no-spark design.

The fan blades are aluminum so there is safety from sparking even in the event of fan blades colliding with casing.

3. Application Conditions:

For areas which are exposed to explosive gases II and IIC group Temperature ClassT6

Ambient temperatures: -20℃~40℃

4. ATEX applicable code can be:

II 2G Ex h llC T6 Gb (for gas group)

II 2D Ex h lllC T85°c Db (For dust group)