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Chemical Manufacturing - Positive Displacement Air Operated Pump Applications

Chemical Manufacturing - Positive Displacement Air Operated Pump Applications

Posted by AIW on Dec 20th 2021

AODD Pump Applications in Chemical Manufacturing Industry

ODD Pumps are used in several chemical manufacturing processes. Since an AODD pump has numerous benefits when it comes to implementing it in the chemical manufacturing industry, therefore, majority of the industrialists are now opting for the AODD pumps for the various chemical industrial processes. Let’s understand air operated pumps in detail.

What is an AODD Pump?

Reciprocating positive displacement pumps powered by compressed air are referred to as AODD pumps. These pumps are sometimes known as diaphragm (AOD) pumps. A diaphragm pump, like any other pump, uses a reciprocating diaphragm to expand and compress a pumping chamber to transfer liquids. You can use them even if you don't have access to electricity, because they are safe and easy to operate.

How Do AODD Pumps Work?

The pump has two separate pumping chambers, within each diaphragm and check valves in the intake and exit ports. Using a shuttle valve attached to the air supply, the air is introduced into the non-product side of one diaphragm and then the other, creating an alternate airflow pattern. Diaphragms move in a certain way that causes fluid to flow from a product side diaphragm through a check valve and into an outlet manifold.

Both diaphragms operate around the same time, causing the liquid to flow from the suction manifold, past the inlet control valve, into the pumping chamber. The Air shuttle valve reverses, forcing both diaphragms to travel in the opposite direction. As a result, what was before the suction side is now the discharge side, and the reverse is true.

Where are AODD Pumps Used?

Fuel, glue, paint, resin, and ink can all be pumped with an AODD pump. These pumps are also excellent for pumping other thick or problematic fluids. Food- and cosmetic-based liquids are two more common applications for these machines. Several materials are available for diaphragm pumps to withstand toxic liquids, such as stainless steel. It is possible to install this pump type above the liquid it is pumping since it produces a vacuum in the inlet when it is pumping. This makes an AODD pump perfect for the chemical manufacturing industry as well.

Brief Overview of Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Those companies that create industrial chemicals are part of the chemical manufacturing industry. More than 70,000 distinct products can be made from basic resources such as oil, gas, water, and metals using chemical processes including chemical changes and refining procedures. Petrochemicals, agricultural and agrochemicals, ceramics, polymers, and rubber (elastomers), oil, fat, and wax, explosives, scents, and tastes are some of the items that are included in this category. To put it another way, the chemical industry is essential to today's global economy.

AODD Pump Applications in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Chemical manufacturing industries require pumps like AODD for conducting effective chemical manufacturing processes. Here are all the uses of AODD pumps in the chemical manufacturing processes. Have a look.

Transfer of Chemicals in Storage Tanks

Transferring bulk chemicals from one place to another can be tough. Bulk transfer pump applications sometimes involve hazardous substances, such as those that are caustic, poisonous, or flammable. The bulk transfer system's equipment must be compatible with the fluid it will be transporting. Bulk storage tanks, day or processing tanks, tubing systems, additional confinement, and venting/ventilation systems are all common pieces of equipment in this type of facility. In a chemical manufacturing industry, dealing with bulk chemicals is a routine. In such a case, the best option is to use the AODD pump that has a durable, corrosion-resistant body that makes the transfer of bulk chemicals convenient.

Safe Transfer and Mixing

AODD Pumps are also quite useful for transferring and mixing hazardous chemicals in the chemical manufacturing industry. AODD Pumps are considered to be the best choice for the transferring of hazardous chemicals since these pumps are corrosion resistant and durable.

Thus, keeping AODD Pumps an option for safe transfer and mixing of chemicals is the right choice. It allows to easy transfer of all sorts of solvents, chemicals, and fluids, therefore, it is the right choice for the chemical manufacturing industry.

Removing Waste Water

AODD Pumps are used for the removal of wastewater after the chemicals are processed. The remaining solvents and waste materials collected in the sumps can be easily removed with the AODD Pumps. Not only this, AODD pumps are corrosive resistant which means any kind of chemical doesn't harm the pump. Removing waste from the sumps can be easy with the help of AODD pumps.

Batching of Chemicals

AODD Pumps are also used in the batching of chemicals in the chemical manufacturing industries. With the help of the AODD pump, batching becomes easier, since the equipment is quite simple to use. The design of the pump is simple, making it convenient to implement for different processes. Batching without using the AODD pumps can be a little tough since pumps make mixing and transferring liquids a lot easier.

Reasons to Choose AODD Pumps for Chemical Manufacturing Processes

Chemical manufacturing industries use AODD pumps quite frequently now. Want to know why? Well, here are a few reasons to choose the AODD pumps for chemical manufacturing processes. Read on to find out more.

Compressed Air is better as compared to Fossil Fuels and Electricity

All chemical-manufacturing businesses around the world employ AODD pumps, which require compressed air for their functioning. The AODD pump may be integrated into the current chemical manufacturing industries without the requirement for further infrastructure improvements. Air is essential to the pump's ability to perform one of its most sought-after functions deadheading without causing damage to the pump, system, or fluid.

Air is essential to the pump's ability to perform one of its most sought-after functions deadheading without causing damage to the pump, system, or fluid. Improved AODD pump operation makes them easier to use and more adaptable.

As a result, a newly built AODD Pump includes an air control system that decreases the amount of air allowed into the pump after each stroke. This means this problem can be solved easily. As a result, less energy is squandered and instead goes into the atmosphere.

Low Maintenance Costs of Air Operated Pumps

AODD pumps typically cost substantially less than other types of displacement pumps (such as lobe, gear, or progressive cavity). They don't need expensive motors or electronics, and they can be installed by anyone. However, AODD Pumps are an exception.

AODD pumps are a better value than other pumps on the market because of their durability and versatility in the chemical manufacturing industry. Investment and installation costs, labor and replacement components, energy pricing, and waste transport and disposal costs are all included in pump ownership costs.

The price of a pump will be affected by the pump's size and the materials used in its construction. There's a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from, so prices tend to be reasonable in general. Pumps can be installed anywhere, even underwater, if the liquid is adequate for the pump's material and the emission is routed out of the liquid. This is true even if the pump is immersed. Consequently, the cost of installation is relatively low.

Versatility of Air Operated Pumps

An AODD uses compressed air to drive the diaphragms that pump the required fluid, making the device simple to use. Diaphragm chamber liquid can enter and exit the AODD through a set of ball or flap check valves. An air pressure equal to that of the pump is capable of delivering liquids of equal density and volume. In operation, the diaphragms experience relatively low strains due to their balance of air and liquid process pressures, and they can function for millions of cycles before fatigue breakdown. The air behind such a diaphragm is expelled to the atmosphere during a suction stroke.

AODD pumps are frequently utilized in the chemical industry because of their adaptability. Fluids have a wide range of properties because of their composition and viscosity. No matter how harsh the fluid is, AODD pumps can handle it with ease.

Many different materials can be used to make pumps that can pump any chemical on the market. Chemical qualities are taken into account when the pump's components are constructed.

Pumping fluids with high solid content, such as those that contain solid particles as large as 3 inches in diameter, is also possible with diaphragm pumps.

Pump Construction - Simple Design

Compressed air is used to power the diaphragms that pump the fluid, making the AODD's functioning quite straightforward. The diaphragm chamber of the AODD has a set of ball or flap check valves that open and close to allow liquid to enter and exit. The pump is capable of producing liquid discharging pressures equivalent to the air pressure that is being employed to power it. The diaphragms can run for millions of cycles before fatigue breakdown because air and liquid process pressures are evenly distributed over them. When a diaphragm is suctioned, the air behind it is expelled into the environment.

AODD pumps can be divided into a few different types based on their basic design. An AODD pump that uses check balls has suction on the bottom and the discharge on top. When pumpage contains high particles, this can lead to issues. Because of the diaphragm chamber's gravity, solids can be held in place. In contrast, with flap valve pumps, the suction is on top and the discharge is on the base. This enables solids to start flowing the pump as they follow gravity.

Flow rate of Air Operated Pumps

The diameter and stroke length of diaphragms can be utilized to modify the flow rate of an AODD pump. The size of the pump will be determined by the flow rate and anticipated pressure circumstances. Pumps are available in a variety of sizes, making it easy for customers to find the right one for their needs. Another advantage of AODD pumps is the ability to regulate the pump's discharge pressure.

If compressed air is available, an AODD pump can be placed wherever it is needed and quickly switched to another activity. Running an AODD pump dry can also be done without causing any harm to the pump's internal mechanics.

Safety and Risk Handling of Air Operated Pumps

The safest design for pumping a variety of liquids, such as more aggressive chemicals, is considered by many to be the AODD pump. Transferring hazardous fluids with AODD pumps is not uncommon. This means that choosing a suitable pump is essential for a company's safety and environmental standards to be upheld.

Compressed air is the only power source used by AODD pumps; no electricity or fuel is required. Thus, the production line risks are eliminated due to its fundamentally safe design. It's important to note that these containers can handle potentially hazardous materials because they are completely sealed and therefore leakproof. Similarly, they can be submerged in a liquid for short periods with little concern about contamination.

Run-Dry Ability of Air Operated Pumps

As long as there is no water, AODD pumps can continue to run without harming themselves or their components. Pumps becoming dry is something that happens all the time. A running-dry situation can impair various types of positive displacement pumps, reducing their operational life and increasing efficiency and expense. Chemical manufacturing industries can benefit from the AODD Pump's ability to run dry.

Corrosion Resistant

It is common for the chemical manufacturing industry to use harsh and toxic chemicals in their procedures. Damage to machinery and pumps is common when using these chemicals. When it comes to preventing damage, the most important thing is to pick the right one. AODD pumps are the best option for the chemical manufacturing industry because they don't wear out soon. This pump is ideal for use in the chemical manufacturing industry since it is resistant to corrosion.


In conclusion, air operated double diaphragm pumps are the ideal choice to be used in the chemical manufacturing industry due to their unique characteristics and abilities. Hence, it is better to choose air operated pump instead of risky alternatives.