Top 10 Inexpensive B2B Marketing Ideas

Top 10 Inexpensive B2B Marketing Ideas

Posted by AIW on Dec 27th 2021

Business to Business Inexpensive Marketing Ideas

business ideasB2B marketing is, a little technical and costly! Therefore, every business remains on the hunt for inexpensive b2b marketing ideas to promote the business and bring in the sales. Luckily, we have discovered the ten best inexpensive b2b marketing ideas that can work for almost any size of business enterprise. But first let’s understand b2b marketing in detail so you can better comprehend and implement these inexpensive b2b marketing ideas in your particular business setting.

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing is more informative and direct than B2C. This is because company purchasing decisions, instead of those of individuals, focus more on the bottom-line revenue effect. Return on investment (ROI) is rarely a factor for the typical individual — at least financially — but it's the main emphasis for business decision-makers. Let’s have a quick view of b2b along with b2c marketing. So, you will be able to grasp the gist of the concept.

B2B vs. B2C Marketing

There are a few key distinctions between B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) when it comes to marketing but one thing is common in both. The common characteristic in both is that the more you know about your customer, the more you'll be able to attract them and grow your business.

B2B Marketing Requires Building Relationships with Company's Executives

Marketing to business-to-business (B2B) clients involves interacting with a narrow segment of a larger market. Your primary objective is to build a relationship with the company's top executives. Ultimately, they are the people who will determine whether or not the corporation will buy your stuff.

B2C Clients Rely More on Online Reviews

B2C buyers typically want to learn as much as possible about a service or product as soon as feasible. They rely on online reviews and social evidence when making a purchase decision.

B2B Clients Allow You to Discover More Services

In addition to above, B2B marketing enables customers to discover more about the items and services they are interested in. Sometimes after discovering the benefits, clients begin seeking more detailed information about your firm and comparing it to your rivals. So, B2b enables clients to get more information about your product or service.

Who is B2B marketing for?

A business that sells to other companies requires B2B marketing - this is the simplest definition of B2B Marketing. SaaS subscriptions, security solutions, tools, accessories, office supplies, you name it: this might come in various ways.

A B2B marketing campaign is directed at anybody who has the power or influence to make purchase choices. A wide range of positions and responsibilities might fall under this umbrella, from low-level researchers to the CEO.

Top 10 inexpensive B2B marketing ideas for you

When it comes to today's hypercompetitive business, here are ten B2B marketing ideas that will help your company to maintain business and help you to go ahead of the competition.

1.Outbound Marketing to Approach the Client Base

Outbound marketing refers to initiatives that push your information "out" to possible opportunities in the broader world. These are strategies like advertising, distributing fliers, and cold phoning. Older marketers used to call it "marketing merely."

On the other hand, inbound marketing refers to modern marketing methods that strive to bring leads "in," including through blog posts or branded content. It's an act of faith for many online marketers that inbound is a much more critical strategy. Unfortunately, the results are slow to come in and far harder to measure.

How to do outbound marketing within budget

Companies who want to do outbound marketing within the budget should consider the revenue and consumer goals of the companies. For this, it is significant to consult with your board of directors, managers, and stakeholders. Moreover, it would be best to calculate your average cost per lead to figure out how much marketing spending is required to generate new information.

2.Employee advocacy to take advantage of Relationships

Many internet users rely solely on social media for their online activities. Trust in social media is in a downward spiral at the same time. In other words, people are aware that they can't rely on the information they find on social media, but they're still hooked on the site because of its convenience. So, if your employee advocates your product on social media, these clients can trust it more due to the personal connection with your employee.

In simple words, employee advocacy is a method of avoiding social media users' suspicions. This strategy is based on enticing or rewarding employees for promoting the company and its products to their peers.

How to qualify for employee advocacy? Is it worth it?

One research indicated that corporate branded communications had a 56 percent reach when shared by workers compared to branded channels. Think of it as another approach to naturally develop your brand. The same study also indicated that organizations with strong employee engagement beat those with low concentration by 22 percent.

3.Niche-driven strategy to pinpoint the opportunities

Companies that make their customers feel special and provide individualized attention are more likely to get their business. Moreover, in this way, you will be able to set yourself apart from the competitors.

A successful B2B marketing strategy relies heavily on well-executed niche and market promotional strategies. Find a niche in which you can offer a unique service or product to your customers.

Best ways to craft and implement niche driven strategy within budget

Decide what makes your service and brand stand out and what will keep your prospects coming back for more of it.

Establish your position as a public intellectual in your sector by utilizing content channels such as your blog, industry blogs, speaking engagements, webinars, podcasts, and article syndication. Promote this material on several platforms to garner as much attention as possible.

4.High-performance website to provide information anytime anywhere

Your business webpage is one of your most critical assets. It is far more than a digital advertisement or brochure, as several corporations assumed in the past. A robust website is a center of a firm's internet presence and a knowledge projection into the industry. Prospective clients look online to identify service providers, so they have to be ready to discover your firm's site for you to have an opportunity to obtain their business.

How to leverage a high-performance website in any business setting?

Without a website, consumers may question your authenticity as a firm. Having a website is an opportunity to make a first impression and reassure customers that you're a legitimate business. With good credit, you may reach a bigger audience. Moreover, presenting your brand to your prospective clients is one of the most important things that you can do. By clearly outlining who you are, what you represent, and what you stand for, you boost the likelihood of your clients buying from you.

Other than this, if you're online and have an SEO-optimized website, you have a possibility of showing up in Google search results. This implies that when consumers are looking for a product or business, there is a chance your website may come up in the results. This provides you the ability to boost your consumer base substantially.

5.Search Engine Optimization to reach target audience

For your site to be successful, your target audience must locate it. That's where SEO comes in. In our research, high-growth enterprises rate this as the most successful internet marketing method accessible.

Best SEO Practices

Here are the best SEO practices to make sure that you reach your target audience.

Use the focus keyword in the first few sentences of the content.

Make sure titles, descriptions, and content is unique from the rest.

Optimize the tags for SEO.

Make sure the site's loading speed is optimized.

Make sure the images are optimized.

6.Referral marketing to Convince and close the deals

Look at your professional network to discover where you may get a lift from others who believe what you do and promote your solution with those in their network and beyond. These recommendations can give a massive improvement in trust and reach.

How you may be effective with referral marketing

Develop a sound and financially innovative referral program that incentivizes individuals to suggest your good or service to others. Share our referral program on your website.

Get active in professional and industry groups to grow your network to enhance your recommendation efforts. Be careful to follow up after every event with a network email to keep oneself top of mind.

7.Customer Relationship Management as a b2b Marketing tool

CRM is a solution that combines database management with data and insights about your clients and stakeholders. This can help your sales and marketing efforts as well. To better customize and focus your marketing efforts, you may track your consumers' actions and purchases, what motivates them, and when to follow up.

How to succeed with CRM

Examine the various CRM systems to determine which best suits your needs and budget. Many more CRM systems are available for small businesses that can help you promote and sell effectively.

Don't treat the CRM system as a marketing or sales tool only. Consider it a tool for cross-functional teams that anybody who engages with customers and customers may use. It might give information that enhances marketers, sales, product design, and service experience.

8.Marketing Automation that cost less but benefit more

Some marketing techniques can sound promising to a business with limited resources, but they take time. That's where technologies can assist by automating some marketing duties.

A solution that automates repetitive manual tasks saves time and money, and a centralized system that manages all marketing tactics saves even more time and money.

How to use marketing automation effectively?

Since there are so many options to streamline your marketing activities, take the time to investigate, compare, and trial before you buy. Affirm that these expenditures match your marketing needs, present and future business size, and budget.

You can probably only automate one or two procedures at a time, so prioritize. Is it social media, where you could profit from an automatic social media post scheduler? Do you require a chatbot for online chats and customer service? Or should you use an automated email system? You need to figure all this out to make sure the strategy works.

9.Direct Media buys to get the Useful information of clients

Third-party data is becoming harder to obtain as third-party ad buys are scarce due to GDPR and general privacy crackdowns. This will increase the cost of lead generation campaigns while decreasing their reach and efficiency.

However, the secret is to contact trade publications. They will still have a lot of information on their users, and their prices will be more reasonable. Furthermore, their database will also provide a framework for users to interact with marketing efforts of your company.

Is it worth the money spent on media buys?

Direct Media buys help your to build strong ties with media owners, resulting in more reach for less money. Furthermore, marketing teams may use this to boost conversions and ROI for customers and stakeholders. This is the apparent reason why spending on media buys is worth it.

10.Influencer and Co-Marketing

Every other business is on Instagram! Furthermore, the people who have to make decision of purchasing are on Instagram. Therefore, Instagram is still the king of influencers. A marketing approach that overlooks social media influencers' unique reach and attraction, and the numerous opportunities given by co-marketing, will not win a lot of likes or shares.

Meanwhile, Co-marketing is a strategy that seeks to use the power of another brand. Combining it with your brand's strengths creates a more extensive and appealing reach. This works well with clients who already use or enjoy one brand but not the other.


In conclusion, it is true that b2b marketing is little tricky and costly but still, with the right mindset and approach, any business can do b2b marketing with small budget by above mentioned inexpensive b2b marketing ideas. In short, the right approach is to focus on innovative ideas that can work instead of traditional ideas that cost more and deliver less.