Applications of AODD Pumps in the Mining Industry

Applications of AODD Pumps in the Mining Industry

Posted by AIW on Dec 14th 2021

AODD Pump Applications in Mining Industry

Air-operated double diaphragm pumps are an essential part of the mining industry in the modern world. The mining industry is unique due to its complicated circumstances where people and equipment work under the soil, mountains, and complicated terrain. Therefore, the working environment is always difficult, risky, and challenging. Hence, ordinary pumps are like a hazard in mines. Therefore, air operated pump is used in major mining operations.

What is an AODD pump commonly known as Air Operated Pump?

AODD or air-operated double diaphragm is commonly known as air operated pump. It is a well-designed pump that works with the air instead of electricity or any fuel. Hence, it is super safe to use it in various settings, especially in the mines. This pump can suck and transfer various materials with the help of its repeated back and forth motion system that works with compressed air. Let’s understand in detail how this pump is used in the mining industry.

AODD Pump Applications in Mining Industry

The mining industry revolves around mining operations and the conditions of operations around and inside the mines are difficult. It happens because mines are usually located in the far areas which bring a new set of challenges to the table. These challenges cannot be handled by ordinary pumps. Hence, AODD pumps are used in the mining industry. Following are the major AODD pump applications in the mining industry.

Sucking Water from the Trenches

Trenches are the common scene in the mines. These trenches come into existence due to various reasons including digging, extracting, and natural causes. It is like a hole where the depth is more and the width is less, therefore, it holds more water and it can be dangerous in various ways. The water in these trenches can come from natural phenomenon or due to operational processes of extraction and mining. Hence, the water needs to be sucked and transferred to ensure safety and continuous operations in the mining. Therefore, AODD pumps are used in the mines to suck water from the trenches.

Mud transfer to mitigate risk and to ensure operations

Mud is a dangerous factor that can derail the whole operations of the mining site. Some mines are located in areas where mud can become a real problem quickly. Therefore, this mud needs to be removed and transferred instantly to ensure the operations. Take the case of mining gold in the dangerous pits of the Philippines where all you see is mud, trenches, and dangerous pits where a person can slip. These types of terrains are common in mining. Therefore, the best option to mitigate the risk and ensure operations is to do mud transfer and AODD pumps are the ideal choice to transfer mud in and around the mines.

Face dewatering under the drilling equipment

The drilling equipment uses water for extraction and other purposes and this water starts accumulating under the drilling equipment instantly. This water can be dangerous for the equipment, people, and mines. Therefore, this needs to be removed instantly. The process of removing water under the drilling equipment is called face dewatering and this can be done with the help of AODD pumps. AODD pumps are ideal for face dewatering because they are super safe and powerful to use in this particular case. Hence, they can be used in various ways as they do not make the situation complicated instead they resolve the problems.

Transfer of Lubrication for Heavy Equipment in the Mines

Heavy equipment is the core component of working in the mines. Examples of heavy equipment include drilling machines, transport machines, carrying machines, and moving vehicles in the mines, etc. All of this heavy equipment need lubricants to continuously perform their functions. However, it is not easy to transport the lubricants especially when the terrain of the mine is complicated. Therefore, AODD pumps are used to transfer the necessary lubricants in the mines. In this way, the whole process can be done easily, safely, and cost-effective way with the help of AODD pumps.

Fill tires of heavy machinery with liquid ballast

Heavy machinery is an integral part of the mining process as it is used inside and outside the mining for transport and other functions. Therefore, functional transport and other machinery are required all the time. However, the terrains are usually difficult in and outside the mines and it demands instant refill of tires of heavy machinery with liquid ballast. AODD pumps are the best solution to fill the tires of the heavy machine at the site. Therefore, they are used to fill tires of heavy machinery with liquid ballast.

Transferring water from the low points in mines

Water is one of the hazards in the mines and it can accumulate in the low points in the mine in a matter of minutes in some cases especially if the mines are open to rain inflows. Therefore, it is vital to keep checking and removing the water from the low points in the mines. Other than the natural causes, water can accumulate as a result of operational procedures in the mines. Hence, AODD pumps are used in transferring the water from the low points in mines toward the more suitable place.

Fuel Transfer in and outside the mines

Fuel is the key driver to run all the machinery in and around the mines. Therefore, a continuous supply of fuel is necessary all the time. However, transporting and transferring fuel is not an easy task without AODD pumps. It happens because the terrains of the mines are usually very complicated and challenging. Therefore, AODD pumps are used to transfer fuel inside and around the mine. This fuel is then used in the heavy machinery that is working inside and around the mines. In this way, AODD pumps work to support the core function of operating mining machinery.

Metal Extraction from the process of leaching

Leaching is a concept when a liquid is introduced to the material to start the process of extracting minerals or materials. Take the example of a teabag in your teacup. Hot water is poured into a cup of tea ant the bag containing tea is entered. The bag remains somehow intact but the liquid water extracts the ingredients of tea from the bag and turns it into a delicious cup of tea. The somewhat same procedure is done in the mining. However, instead of drinking the water, the water has to be transferred and there is no other equipment better than the AODD pumps to do it. Hence, AODD pumps are used to complete the process of leaching and extracting minerals and materials.

Loading unloading of liquids and chemicals around the mines

Chemicals are used in various procedures in mining. However, loading and unloading these chemicals in their target location is not an easy task. These chemicals can be dangerous and can result in medical issues. Therefore, they can only be loaded or unloaded with the help of AODD pumps especially, if you have to transfer the chemicals in a uniform and stable way. Hence, AODD pumps are used for transporting and transferring chemicals in and around the mines.

Transfer water to the basin and treatment plants

The water in and around the mines needs to be transferred to the main basin or the treatment plant. However, sometimes the situation becomes complex and the mines develop small ponds within the mines that can be dangerous and disable the workers to perform their jobs. Hence, these ponds, drenches, and pots need to be removed and they are then transferred to the water basin. This water basin is usually located outside of the mines. Furthermore, treatment plants are set to ensure that the water is processed and treated in an environment-friendly way for the benefit of everyone. This whole transfer of water is done through AODD pumps.

Transfer of viscous fluids from the mine

Viscous fluids are the ones that have high resistance to moving. They are difficult to handle and transport because of the composition of the fluid. Indeed, the water is easy to transfer from one place to other because it flows freely and it is not viscous fluid. However, the honey or motor oil will not flow freely. It will need an extra push and effort. Therefore, AODD pumps are used to transfer viscous fluids from the mines as they cannot be transferred with the simple pumps in the best possible way.

Why AODD pumps are ideal for the mining industry?

AODD pumps are used in the above-mentioned scenarios in the mining industry because they are the best as compared to other alternatives. How they are best? Let's understand! It is better as compared to alternatives due to the following:-

Operational safety due to unique design

The design and operational procedure of the AODD pump ensure the safety of the staff, equipment, and environment. It does not use fuel or electricity so it is safe to use in the mining operations like transferring liquids, oils, chemicals, materials, and powders. Furthermore, the design of the air-operated double diaphragm pump ensures the smooth and uniform flow of the material through the pump due to its double diaphragm system. Hence, there is no risk of blockage within the pipes.

Easy to Repair and Operate

The mining industry is usually dispersed around the far-flung areas due to the location of mines. Therefore, the ideal equipment for the mining industry is the one that is easy to repair on the site. Hence, air-operated double diaphragm pumps are the ideal equipment for mining as they are super easy to repair. On top of that, it rarely goes out of order due to its unique design and system. Above all, it is easy to operate and manage. Therefore, even a novice miner can start operating it with a little help.

No Electricity is required

One of the biggest advantages of an air-operated double diaphragm pump is that instead of electricity, air flows in its system. In this way, the chances of mishaps decrease drastically. Furthermore, it decreases the cost of transferring the liquids. Hence, air-operated double diaphragm pumps are safe and cheap. Therefore, they are ideal to be used in the mining industry.

Portable instead of fixed pumps

Air-operated double diaphragm pumps are portable pumps instead of fixed pumps. Therefore, they can be used in different locations in and around the mines. Therefore, these AODD pumps provide multi-benefits while remaining on the mining site. Furthermore, this ability allows the pump to become multi-purpose. A pump that is pumping water out of the mine can be relocated to pump chemicals or to transfer other liquids.

AODD pumps are Reliable

In the mining industry, reliable pumps can make or break the situation. A pump running on the fuel needs mechanical engines and the pump working with electricity can drop the voltage due to the complicated situation in the mines. Therefore, AODD pumps are ideal because the option of compressed air is more reliable and better as compared to other alternatives.

AODD pumps can handle solids as well as liquids

The mining industry has to deal with liquids as well as solid materials. Therefore, it needs a pump that can transfer elements of solids along with the liquid. AODD pumps can do it exceptionally well! Therefore, AODD pumps are the ideal pumps for the mining industry.


In conclusion, air-operated double diaphragms are pumps that are operated with the help of compressed air. Due to this, these pumps are safe and affordable. Furthermore, these pumps can handle various types of materials. Therefore, these air-operated double diaphragm pumps are used in the mining industry for various tasks. These tasks include sucking water from the trenches, pits, under the drilling equipment, and from the low points of the mines. Furthermore, AODD pumps are used for transferring the water from inside the mines to the basin and treatment plants. On top of that, AODD pumps are used for transferring and transporting viscous fluids, chemicals, and slurries. In this way, AODD pumps are the ideal equipment for the mining industry. So, get AODD pump for your company. You can check our detailed pump selection guide for selecting the best pump for your needs!