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Oil and Lube Transfer Pump System Assembly

Oil and Lube Transfer Pump System Assembly

Posted by AIW on Apr 25th 2022

AIW Oil and Lube Transfer Pump System Assembly

Teryair is known for designing high-end pumps that can be used in various industries. One of the latest innovations by Teryair is their Oil and lube transfer pump 1" which is specifically designed to transfer large amounts of liquids, lube, and oil. This pump is specifically designed with exclusive features and high-end materials to cater to the customers' needs like it can be mounted on a wall or cart.

What is an Oil Transfer Pump or Lube Transfer Pump?

With a transfer pump, you can move oil or liquids across tanks easily and quickly. This pump is used to test surge tanks or gauge tanks, inject separator oil into a flow line, and transport liquids to a tanker.

Additionally, oil transfer pumps are meant to transport liquids, such as gasoline from automobile tanks or water from flooded regions, from one location to another. When buying one of these pumps, it is important to keep in mind the liquid density of the pump.

In short, a Teryair oil transfer pump 1" is also used to transmit large amounts of lubricants between storage tanks, barrels, or intermediate bulk containers. Other than this, the pump is also used to circulate lubricants within a closed system.

Features of Teryair Oil Transfer Pump or Lube Transfer Pump 1"

Teryair Oil Transfer Pump 1" Assembly System is exclusively designed with distinctive features. This is to make sure that you invest the money in the right place. Let's walk through some of its features.

High-quality Construction

The Teryair Oil Transfer Pump 1" System Assembly is designed with high-end materials to ensure durability. The lube transfer pump is exclusively designed to ensure every type of lubricant can be pumped without any damage. Not only this, but the company also assures follow-up with the clients to make the necessary modifications when required.


Another feature of the pump is self-priming. This feature allows this liquid pump to have the necessary liquid within the cavity or pump body before the process begins. This also increases its potential for greater operational efficiency in process facilities where this pump is employed for a range of repetitive but intermittent processes.

Adjustable Flow Rate

The primary benefit of this oil pump is its adjustable flow rate that can transfer oil more effectively than other types of oil transfer pumps. Because technology is constantly evolving, it is essential to purchase equipment equipped with the most up-to-date technology to get the most significant outcomes, and the Teryair Oil Transfer Pump 1" System Assembly is one of them.

Leak-Free Operation

The Teryair Oil Transfer Pump 1" is designed to mitigate the impacts of oil transfer in various applications. Pump and bottle remain clean and dry due to the use of specific components that resist oil-induced expansion, hence preventing leaks from occurring.

The pump's nozzle is also smartly positioned to prevent the contents from spilling out of the pump. Its design guarantees that the formula seeps back into the container in an orderly manner. Thus, this leak-free pump is ranked among the best ones in the market.

Other Features of the Pump

Other features which make this pump unique are:

Suitable for lubricants with a viscosity up to 80,000 CP

Design of pumps that can cope with temperature and viscosity fluctuations

Tank emptying and refueling are made simple with this self-priming, reversible system.

A wide range of ATEX-compliant motors for hazardous settings

An 83,000 lpm flow rate and pressure capacities of up to 50bar are available.

Uses of Teryair Oil Transfer Pump or Lube Transfer Pump

Teryair Oil Pump 1" is used in a variety of industries. Its diverse use makes the pump applicable in a wide range of applications. Here are a few industries where the pump can be used.

Chemical Manufacturing Industry

The chemical production sectors require pumps like these to execute efficient chemical manufacturing operations. Bulk transfer pump applications may contain hazardous chemicals such as caustic, toxic, or flammable compounds; in these cases, bulk transfer pumps such as these will be beneficial.

Additionally, these Oil Transfer Pumps are used to evacuate wastewater generated during the chemical processing procedure. The leftover solvents and waste materials accumulated in the sumps may be removed with the help of these pumps. The batching of chemicals in the chemical manufacturing industry is another use for oil transfer pumping systems. Batching is made simpler with the help of these oil and lube transfer pumps, which are very easy to use.

Wastewater Treatment Industry

Oil Transfer Pumps are utilized in the wastewater treatment process for the loading and unloading of hazardous waste and chemicals and the transfer of these materials. This oil transfer pump can save you money because it is a less costly alternative to traditional pumps for transferring wastewater and sediments.

Furthermore, this pump offers an inline flow path that allows fluids to be efficiently pumped. The pumps are used in various applications such as processing, neutralizing, disposal, chemical spill containment, and grit and scum cleaning, among others.

A varied range of products in the wastewater treatment sector, including thickened/clarified/digested sludge, waste activation or return synthetic wastewater (WAS/RAS), and other organic waste, may be managed using oil transfer pumps.

Oil and Gas Industry

It might be challenging to settle a pond transfer and ensure that it is free of pollution. However, since this oil transfer pump is corrosion-resistant and efficient, the procedure is simplified. Aside from that, this pump may drain oils and glycol by exerting suction from one point to another.

The oil transfer pump conveniently transports oils and gases (gasoline, butane gas, oxygen, and nitrogen) from one location to another. This Oil transfer pump successfully cleans the sumps to make room for fresh waste materials following the oil and gas industry operations.

Construction Industry

When there is insufficient ground pressure to force crude oil to the surface, an oil pump is used to pump the fluid out of an underground oil well mechanically. Motorized oil transfer pumps, sometimes known as 'walking beam' pumps, are operated by a motor that creates linear movement to power the pumping shaft, resulting in the piping system being driven vertically.

Oil transfer pumps are often used when there is a lot of oil onshore, but the ground can't get it out. Based on the depth and volume of the oil, this pump can release one to ten gallons of oil with each stroke, depending on the properties.


In conclusion, finding the ideal pump that can operate in a wide range of industries can be difficult. If you are looking for a high-quality oil transfer pump assembly system, then Teryair Oil Transfer Pump 1" system assembly is the right choice. Indeed, its exclusive features make it among the best innovation to date.