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2" Pneumatic Centrifugal Dewatering Sump Pump, SP-10, Max Head 90ft (27Mtr), Capacity 28cfm (48cmh)

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Pneumatic Sump Pump 2" (SP-10) 


IMPA 591636  Sump pump pneumatic 2"

MAX DISCHARGE        -           211 Gpm (48-60 m3/hour)

SIZE, MATERIAL           -           2”

WEIGHT                       -           48.4Lbs (22 Kgs)


Teryair Pneumatic Centrifugal Pumps are used to empty ballast tanks, bilge wells, and many other operations. Often used for draining cargo holds during and after the washing procedure. Teryair Centrifugal pumps have a small cross-section and hence can be lowered into areas having small access hatches. Especially preferred where an eclectic spark may risk ignition or explosion.


Teryair Model No                                           SP-10                                                   

IMPA Code                                                      59-16-35                             


-           Total Head                                          89 Feet (27 meters)                            

-           Discharge                                           211 Gpm (48 m3/hour)                        

Max Air Consumption                                  95 cfm (2.7 m3/min)                           

Air Hose                                                          3/4” NPT                                             

Fluid Outlet                                                    2” Hose                                                

Weight                                                            48.4 Lbs (22 Kgs)                                 

Min Opening Pump will enter                     8.03” x 9.05” (204mm x 230mm)       


Main Features

• Will pump down to 3/4 0 (22mm) will handle up to 1/80 (3mm) solids governor-controlled motor compact design enables uses in restricted areas.
• Air inlet operated by gate valve lever.

Application Features

• Used in the Construction, De-watering and Engineering industry.
• Transfer of fluids, usage in sumps for periodic de-watering.
• Marine: emptying ballast tanks, after washing procedure.
• Draining cargo holds during and after washing procedure.
• Pumping of sea water from bilges, holds, etc.


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5-Year Limited Warranty