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Polypropylene Pumps

Air valve options for pneumatic diaphragm pumps

We have different air valve options for our pumps. Some are native to each material—others, you can choose which valve is best for you. Upon checking the cross-curve data for each, you can see substantial differences in the performance.

Classic (DP):

Rugged bronze construction with hard anodized metal internal spools. Specifically designed for rough outdoor environments and portable use. Interchangeable with other popular brands. Classic valves have a standard interface.

Advanced (ADP):

Best matched with Teryair© polypropylene pumps, they have a precision shift mechanism with PTFE and Viton® seals. Advanced Valves are lubrication-free and constructed from high-density advanced plastics.

MaxFlo (SDP):

Teryair’s most advanced valve - very efficient air usage, with a high output of fluid. It is available in aluminum, stainless steel with PTFE, and Viton® seals. Most importantly, it is lubrication and stall-free. In addition, it has a long service life, reduces downtime and is interchangeable with other popular brands. MaxFlo Valves have a standard interface for ease of replacement.

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