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Teryair© Water Turbine Fan 12 inch (300mm)

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65.00 LBS

Water Turbine Fan Model: WTF-300

MAX AIR FLOW UP TO            -              220 m3/min

DIAMETERS                             -           300 mm

WEIGHT                                   -           32 kgs


Teryair Air Driven Gas Freeing Fan are designed for ventilation of gases from large enclosed areas or other tank openings. They work effectively, providing penetration deep into the tank ensuring complete ventilation. Our fans are made of a non-spark construction with a stainless steel 316 impeller and integral water motor. The components are manufactured from corrosion proof material.


Approvals And Certifications

All Teryair Industrial Ventilation fans are CE marked and manufactured under an ISO 9001:2015 Quality system – SGS.


Technical Data

Product Reference                         WTF-300                      

IMPA Code                                                      59 14 36                                 

Outlet Bore diameter in mm                            12                                           

Air Flow Max.                                                 7769                                       

Recommended Water Pressure                         7 kg/cm3                                

Water consumption                                         40 m3/hr                                

Recommended Water Hose size                        50A                                         

Water inlet and outlet conn.                             50A                                         

Weight in Lbs                                                  70                                           



  • High performance ventilation of gasses from large enclosed areas
  • Ventilation of tanks requiring a deep penetration.

Main Features

  • Precise manufacturing of SS impeller & Pelton wheel generates a higher air flow.
  • Aluminum fan gives longer life


5-Year Limited Warranty

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