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​ Teryair 1" Polypropylene AODD: The Pump You Need

​ Teryair 1" Polypropylene AODD: The Pump You Need

Posted by AIW on Jan 6th 2022

The 1" Polypropylene Chemical Pump, that can win the race.

Teryair 1" Polypropylene AODD pump is among the best and most affordable AODD pumps that are used for several purposes and manufactured by Teryair. These pumps are specifically designed to reduce corrosion and conveniently pump various chemicals. At a competitive price, it offers cutting-edge characteristics equivalent to the most powerful technology in the world. It also competes effectively with leading industry brands on feature parity. Furthermore, the Teryair pneumatic air-operated double diaphragm pump range is notable among the products. Currently, these pumps are being sold in over 40 countries under both Teryair and private labels. Just to put everything in perspective, Teryair manufactured and sold over 9000 pumps last year, and the company has big plans for the future. So, to help you understand about the future technical needs of your company, here is all the knowledge that you must understand.

What are AODD Pumps?

AODD pumps are the most common type of reciprocating pump. Each time a stroke is completed, fluid is dispensed from one of the two liquid chambers. If the AODD pumps are to function correctly, they need a specific lot of stress (measured in psi) and air volume (measured in cm) to supply the required fluid volume.

It is impossible to damage an AODD pump by using it past its safe operating limit. There can only be so much pressure that a pump can build up via its driving air pressure, which can be the maximum allowed air pressure that can be supplied by the filter.

No risk of pump or line burst if output pressure reaches drive air pressure, thus there is no danger of pump or line burst. As a result, the lines filters are protected against overload, and the medium is switched on and off using valves.

Parts of AODD Pumps

When it comes to wetted parts, AODD pumps have the following:

The diaphragms (which are joined by a single shaft).

Two intake valve balls (which are also connected by a standard post).

The two exit valve balls.

Compressed air is separated from the liquid by the diaphragms, forming a barrier. Compressed air rather than the shaft is used to drive the diaphragms, thereby balancing the load on the diaphragm and reducing mechanical stress.

As a result, the valve seats' ball valves can open and close, controlling liquid flow direction. Using this straightforward management and implementation, the operator may quickly and easily identify the optimal pressures and flows.

Teryair AODD Pumps

Teryair is manufacturing an increasing number of pneumatic materials and machinery. At a competitive price, the equipment offers cutting-edge features equivalent to the most powerful technology in the world. It also competes successfully with leading industry brands on feature parity.

The Teryair pneumatic air-operated double diaphragm pumps range is prominent among the products. Currently, these pumps are being sold in over 40 countries under both Teryair and private labels. Teryair manufactured and sold over 9000 pumps last year, and the company has big plans for the future. Terrier pumps in India and worldwide are backed by no-nonsense guarantees and a pledge to offer spare parts within 24 hours.

Why Teryair 1' Polypropylene AODD Pumps?

Each pump is subjected to ultimate capacity on a test bench for a set period. There is a record of every pump performance parameter that may be traced. As a result, the pump's reliability is unmatched—the current state of air production in an ISO 9001:2015 certified environment. The best pumps on the market are Teryair pumps, CE and Ex approved.

Manufacturing Facilities

Teryair AODD Pumps provide several manufacturing facilities. With the help of customer feedback, the quality of the products has started becoming better. Here are a few marketing facilities offered by Teryair.

Invention and advancement

A team of highly skilled engineers works at Teryair, using state-of-the-art software. Listening to customer feedback has allowed them to make constant improvements to the product. In addition, new goods are being introduced each year.

Inspected and Approved

To achieve customer satisfaction, Teryair uses an ISO 9001-compliant system. The company carefully manufactures AODD pumps that are inspected and approved. This is to make sure the quality of pumps is durable and long-lasting.


Mumbai, India's burgeoning commercial and industrial center, is just outside Teryair's borders. Quality pneumatic equipment can be manufactured at the manufacturers. As a result, a tight grip on production scheduling, timely delivery, and quality assurance may be maintained by manufacturing all essential components in-house.

Teryair 1" Polypropylene AODD Pump

Pumps made of polypropylene are an affordable substitute for corrosion resistance and can be used in a wide range of applications. PTFE, Viton, or SantopremeTM diaphragms are commonly used with these pumps. It's suitable for pumping benzyl, diacetone, phosphoric acid, ferrous sulfate, isopropyl chloride, converter oils, and many other comparable liquids when these elastomers are installed in Polypropylene pumps.

Pumping liquids such as benzyl, diacetone, phosphoric acid, ferrous sulfate, isopropyl chloride, converter oils, and a host of other comparable substances is a breeze with these elastomers. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and electronics manufacture are just a few of the many industries that use these pumps.

Teryair 1" Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump Advantages

Teryair 1 Polypropylene Diaphragm pumps have several advantages. Here are a few benefits of why Teryair 1" polypropylene pumps should be used. Read on.

Pumps Variety of Fluids

The most significant advantage of the Teryair 1" polypropylene diaphragm pumps is that they can pump a wide range of chemicals and liquids. Since the pump is corrosion-resistant, several harsh chemicals can also be pumped with the help of this pump.

Easy Startups and Self-Priming

Another advantage of the Teryair 1" Polypropylene diaphragm pump is that it has an easy startup. Their easy installation and self-priming features can partly explain AODD pumps' adaptability. Easy installation is one aspect of its versatility.

A simple installation can be conducted by standing the pump upright and connecting its liquid lines and air supply lines. In addition, an AODD pump does not require priming. Thus users can eliminate the potentially hazardous process of manually introducing the fluid into the pump. Alternatively, the pump self-fills by sucking the medium from the receiver while it is running.

No Foaming or Shearing of the Product Being Pumped

The products are not sheared or foamed by pumping using the Teryair 1" AODD pumps. This is one of the main reasons this pump is used explicitly for pumping purposes.

No Decline in Pumping Efficiency Over Time

The biggest concern faced by the factories using pumps is declining quality with time. Most of the pumps often decrease inefficiency. But that is not the case with Teryair 1" Polypropylene diaphragm pump. This pump works effectively and maintains its pumping efficiency over time. Moreover, diaphragm replacement restores the prior efficiency of the pump, making the functioning more effective.

Pump to Original Efficiency

Most of the pumps do not pump to their original efficiency. But that is not the case with Teryair 1' polypropylene AODD. This pump is specifically designed to make sure the chemicals and fluids that need to be pumped are of original efficiency. This is among the most significant advantages of this pump.

Solid Particle Handling

Teryair 1' Polypropylene AODD pumps are the centrifugal end-suction pumps used to move solids. Volute-style casing and an impeller with substantial clearances are used to pass the typical solids found in wastewater. This means that this pump can handle the solid particles easily and is more effective in pumping materials than the others.

No Damage when Stalled or Overloaded

Most ordinary pumps often get damaged easily when they are stalled or overloaded. But that is not the case with Teryair 1' AODD pump. The Teryair 1' pump can pump many liquids and solid particles (no matter how much the quantity is) without any significant damage.

Capable in negative suction orientations

The best thing about the Teryair 1' polypropylene AODD pump is that it can submersible, flooded, or negative suction orientations. The pump is specifically designed to make sure that it can be easily used for various purposes along with different solids and liquids.

Explosion Proof

Another reason why Teryair 1' AODD pump should be used is that it is ATEX Certified. This makes it explosion-proof and safe to use. Since a majority of the pumps are often prone to explosion. Therefore, extra care is required to handle them. But when it comes to Teryair 1' AODD pump, you get an edge because it is explosion-proof, easy to operate, and safe to use.

Types of Valves Used in Teryair 1' AODD Pumps

The air distribution valve is at the core of every diaphragm pump. Using less air to pump more efficiently is the goal of Teryair valves.

Additional functionality may be desirable depending on the application—Anti-stuck, lubrication-free, and corrosion-resistant. Teryair has paired the necessary valves with the appropriate pump materials for each application, such as aluminum, stainless steel, or polypropylene. For example, Teryair combines aluminum with traditional valves for rugged and ready portability in marine applications. To learn more about Teryair® valve technology, read on.

There are three main types of pumps used in the Teryair 1' AODD pump. Read further about the three valves used in the Teryair 1' AODD pump.

Classic Valve

The classic valve is designed with rugged bronze construction and internal spools that are hard anodized metal. These valves are specifically built for harsh outdoor and sport-able use. Replaceable with other famous brands.

Advanced Valve

Precision shift mechanisms and seals made with Teflon and Viton make these pumps ideal with Teryair P pumps. High-density innovative plastics have been used to build them, making them lubrication-free.

Max-Flo Valve

This is the cutting-edge valve used in the Teryair 1' AODD pump. Highly efficient air and high fluid output allow better functioning and effective results. It also has a PTFE or Viton seal and aluminum or stainless steel. Moreover, it is stall-free and ludicrously easy to use.

Teryair 1' Aluminum Pumps

Pumps made of aluminum are compact and easy to transport. A frequent combination of elastomers for these aluminum-based pumps is Neoprene, Nitrile, or Santoprene. These elastomers are suitable for pumping water and water-based fluids, non-aggressive fluids, greasy fluids, and fluids with low acidic and alkali contents.

Several pumping applications might benefit from the low cost of aluminum pumps. Paints, marine, mining, ceramics, and wastewater/pollution management are among the many industries that use aluminum pumps for this reason.

Teryair 1' AODD Stainless Steel Pumps

Stainless Steel built pumps are utilized in situations that demand high pumping performance, mixtures of heated and abrasive fluids, both acidic and alkali. They are the finest choice for sturdy long-life efficiency. This is one reason why Teryair 1' polypropylene AODD Pumps are designed with stainless steel.

These pumps are frequently paired with highly competent and corrosion-resistant diaphragms, mainly PTFE and often Viton and Santoprene. These elastomers are perfect for pumping fluids such as benzyl diacetone, phosphoric acid, ferric sulfate, isopropyl chloride, transformer oils, and many other comparable fluids.

Not only this, they are an excellent choice when pumping very aggressive fluids such as aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons, acids, caustics, ketone, and acetates. These pumps find diverse applications across sectors, some popular industries being Chemicals, Pharma, Food/Beverage, and Electronic manufacture.

Teryair Cast Iron Pumps

Teryairs Cast Iron pumps are made of a unique, robust spheroidal graphite iron to survive the worst external conditions. All of the pumps on display here have been granted Mining ATEX clearance to be used in underground mining environments. 

They use a modified version of the air valve system that does not contain aluminum to comply with mining restrictions. You can get all types of diaphragms, including the well-known Buna-N and Hytrel choices. Furthermore, there are options for skid installation, inlet strainer bases, and frames. Drift water and groundwater extraction from mines, muck transfer, slime, slurry, oil transfer, and utility use are some examples. Although they are not into production yet, we are looking forward for them to come online soon. 


In conclusion, Teryair 1' Polypropylene AODD Pumps are far better than ordinary pumps in numerous ways. Furthermore, Teryair is producing an increasing number of pneumatic equipment and tools. So, understand everything and choose the best option available at Air Industrial Works.